Il Mandorlo

The Mandorlo is situated inside the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. It is surrounded by a typical Mediterranean landscape made of hills covered by broom, olive and pine trees arriving up to the coast between Acciaroli and Punta Licosa.

It is located in the medieval village of Fornelli – Montecorice, about 5 km from the sea.

The rural home is a work of fine hand-crafted architecture; it is the result of an accurate restoration, realized taking care of the original building styles and principles.

It is a typical rural home of the Cilentan peasantry tradition of ‘800, realized with raw stones, lime and wood. It was rescued thanks to a patient research of the original materials and to the old knowledge carried on by local workers.

The ancient house is still alive because the old wide rooms (dovecotes, headrooms, terrate, stables, barns) were converted into a cosy accommodation in which past is still alive even through the furniture made out of the old timbers.

The all structure is a large panoramic terrace surrounded by a vegetable garden, plants and flowers, provided with a country-oven.

at this site:  www.cilentoverdeblu.it  all proposals of excursions in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano.

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